Friday, January 9, 2009

They're both getting so big!

It's been a little bit since I posted. We had a couple of days there where Zach's schedule was off for some reason, but I think we're good now! (Hopefully) I think it was his way of showing me I was getting way too used to all of this sleep.
My nieces, Bree and Caitlin, were over today. Bree's going to take a class to become a certified babysitter and I think she will do a great job. (We'll be inviting her over a little more often, haha) I can't believe Bree is going to be in seventh grade next year! I was her age when I started babysitting her and her siblings. Now I have a kid of my own that she's ready to start training to babysit! Man how time flies...

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Paula said...

Great picture. I love it! Bree is getting so grown up and so beautiful. Zach looks like he's having good time, he's quite a handful huh Bree:) How fun
Love Nana (Paula)